benefits and pay for a cnaYour yearly compensation as a CNA will depend on if you are a salaried employee or paid via an hourly wage.  Most CNAs are paid by the hour and compensation will depend on if you work 10 hours a week or pull extra duty and log in 60 hours.

The hourly wage earned by CNAs in Texas is dependent on location and the number of available jobs.  Currently in Texas, there are more than 40 thousand positions available for medical assistants of one type or another.  CNAs are is great demand and that bodes well for career opportunities after graduation and for long-term job security.

Pay is typically higher in bigger cities where the need is greater and there are numerous unfilled positions.  A good certified nurse’s aide can generally earn from $20,000 per year to over $30,000 per year in areas of high demand.

CNAs that travel can earn more than employees of a particular facility.  This higher pay compensates them for the lack of company benefits (which are not typically available to them) and the fact that they have to travel to get to each of their patients.

As a valued employee of a health care facility, you may be eligible for the company benefits program which may include things like group health care, a retirement plan such as a 401k, and paid vacation.  Another common benefit is access to a life insurance policy at attractive rates.  It is also worthwhile to mention that vacation time, especially paid vacation time, is a priceless benefit that many health care institutions now offer.

More time on the job will also influence how much you can earn as a CNA.  Many employers also have a bonus pool for their employees who perform above and beyond.

The best way to know your value as a certified nurse’s aide is to apply to several jobs at a variety of healthcare facilities near you such as a hospital, medical office, nursing home, assisted living facility and with a health care agency.   Where there is a shortage of help and a high demand for CNAs is the place you will find the highest salaries or hourly pay offered.  It is important that you compare job offers that are near you.  A higher paying job farther away will necessarily cost you more in commuting expenses and the higher pay difference may be completely wiped out in extra gas or transit costs.


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