CNA examThe journey to becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is fulfilling, but not without challenges. Nevertheless, it is a mission that calls others to persevere and help heal those who are in need. If you would like to understand how you can properly prepare for a CNA exam, then read on.

What is the CNA Exam?

The Certified Nursing Assistant Exam is one of the requirements to get a certification. This aims to measure one’s skill and knowledge in successfully fulfilling the role of a CNA. Passing the exam equips an aspiring CNA in landing a job and building a career.


The exam is composed of two parts. The first part is a written or oral examination and the other is a practical or hands-on examination. The written exam evaluates the knowledge learned from the courses during training, while the hands-on portion aims to assess the skills through practical application.


To become a CNA, one must pass both portions of the exam. If a nursing assistant is only able to pass one portion, a re-take is allowed for the part of the exam that needs to be passed.


The Consolidated Nurse Aide Training Institute provides quality lessons and training to ensure that a nursing assistant will be able to pass both portions of the CNA exam and exhibit professional CNA skills.

Is the CNA exam hard?

With the proper training and lessons provided by the Consolidated Nurse Aid Training Institute, the CNA examination may just be an opportunity to showcase the skills and knowledge acquired during the training. The number of items for the written exam may vary from state to state. In general, it has around 70 items in total.


A CNA is required to demonstrate 25 skills. During the hands-on portion of the exam, an aspiring CNA will be tested in 5 randomly selected skills out of the 25. With proper training from the  Consolidated Nurse Aid Training Institute, nursing assistants will be able to learn and demonstrate all 25 skills needed to become a CNA.

What materials does the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam cover?

The CNA Exam may cover various concepts and lessons such as roles of a CNA, reporting and abbreviations, personal care skills, infection control, caring for all ages, and safety and managing behavior. The skills exam on the other hand may require a demonstration of handwashing, modified baths, providing mouth care, and positioning clients to name a few.

Tips on how to study for the exam

  • Schedule your study sessions to avoid cramming – with all the information and skills a nursing assistant needs to take-in before the exam, cramming may not be the best option. Having a good study schedule that allows space both to rest and to study helps relieve the pressure from preparing for the exam.
  • Have a study guide and explore other course materials – reading through different notes and having a study guide help organize your learning. The Consolidated Nurse Aid Training Institute has designed courses to better help students in learning and understanding the skills and concepts needed to become a CNA.
  • Take practice exams – there are available practice exams for CNA found online to help prepare for the actual exam. After studying, a nursing assistant can take the practice exam to see what other topics and skills need to be covered further.


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