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CNA Training Course:

The Consolidated Nurse Aide Training Institute offers a two-part Certified Nurse Assistant training program.

CNA Training Program Part 1:

The first part of our certified nurse assistant training takes place in the classroom. During classroom training, students will learn all aspects of patient care, through lectures, audio-video, and practical demonstrations.

CNA Training Program Part 2:

Upon completion of the classroom training, students will begin the second part of the class which consists of clinical training (externship). During clinical training, students will work directly with patients in a health care facility. You will be supervised by a  Nurse, who is a staff member of our school and is also licensed by the Texas State Education Department as a Primary Nurse Assistant Instructor.  During your externship, you will work side by side with other aides, nurse and medical professionals.

Texas State Certifying exam:

When you finish with your clinical training you will take your certifying exam/state test. The certifying exam/state test is administered by an independent testing organization authorized by the State of Texas to Administer the CNA exam/state test. The school is also a state testing center.  Students can take the state exam/test in the school.  The exam is given in two parts. The first part is a multiple-choice examination. The second part is a practical skills exam/test, where you will have to show the evaluator your knowledge of skills learned. There is a separate charge for this exam, which is paid for the test, not to the School.



1.Certified Nurse Assistant.


Our Certified Nurse Assistant Course can have you job-ready in as little as 10 Weeks!

Easy To Enroll

1) By Phone – Call us at (346) 812-0147 to enroll by phone.

2) In-Person – Call us for an appointment 7 days a week.

  • Classess offered throughout the year
  • Onsite CPR Training Available
  • Approved by DADS

Day Classes

•3 Weeks Training program

Monday to Friday

Week One: 9am – 5pm
Week Two: 9am – 5pm
Week Three: Clinicals 6am – 2pm

Evening/Night Classes

  • 4 Weeks Training program

Monday to Friday

Week One: 6pm to 10pm
Week Two: 6pm to 10pm
Week Three: 6pm to 10pm
Week Four: Clinicals 6am to 2pm

Weekend Classes

  • 6 weeks training program

Saturday and Sunday

Week One: 9am to 5pm
Week Two: 9am to 5pm
Week Three: 9am to 5pm
Week Four: 9am to 5pm
Week Five: 6am to 2pm
Week Six: Clinicals 6am to 2pm

CNA 2018 Course Curriculum:
CNA Class Curriculum for Nurse Aide Training

Notice Student Complaint Policy :

CNA Notice Student Ccomplaint Policy