Registration Is Easy:

Click Registration Button Below For CPR/BLS Course

Registration Fee: $100 (Non Refundable)

Course Fee: $1250

DOCUMENTS NEEDED:  (Submit documents via email:

The following documents are due before the first day of class.

1. Copy of Original Social Security Card
2.United States issued picture identification with signature
3. Proof of Education (high school diploma, GED, transcript etc)
4. Negative Tuberculosis Test Results (PPD, blood results or chest X-ray)
5. Copy of the COVID shot record
6.CPR/BLS card - (non expired, issued by American Heart Association)


Programs currently being offered at CNA Training Institute do not qualify for financial aid/assistance as per federal and state laws due to the short duration of the program/courses. However, to simplify the student’s financial burden, the school offers a payment plan where the student can use the ease of paying in installments. For further detail, see below payment plan option.

Payment Plans

$ 650 - First installment
$ 625 - Second installment (2nd payment is due on Friday before your class start.)

Course fees should be paid in full before first day of the class

Method of Payment:

  • Credit Card (Transaction Fee Applied)

Course Fee: $ 1250 ( Books, Equipment, Supplies included)

Scrubs to be purchased- color- Lime Green

State Test Fee:$125.00 (Not Included in the course fee- to be paid directly to the state ( Prometric ) via card upon registering for the test)