Greater access to health care in the U.S. and an expanding senior population have spurred demand for Certified Nursing Assistants countrywide.  Long term care and assisted living residences, specifically, are looking for well-trained CNAs and provide rewarding and steady employment.  If you are looking for the CNA schools near me that provide the best training, we have a premier facility that will not only fill your need for a good education, but also make it convenient for you to attend close to home.

CNA Classes Near You

Training for your CNA certification takes just 3 weeks at the CNA Training Institute.  We are conveniently located in Sugar Land, Texas close to all major expressways and public transportation.  On-site parking is free.  We will even provide complimentary transportation to and from our facility if you live within a 10 mile radius of the school.  Our aim is to make it easy and convenient for you to attend classes and launch your career in the health care field.  We try to make your commute to a CNA training class near you as hassle-free as possible with our great location and provided transportation.

 CNA Careers

A career as a nursing assistant is personally and professionally rewarding.  Many graduates of the Consolidated Nurses Aide Training Institute remark that they don’t consider their jobs actual work, but rather a calling that fulfills their desire to be helpful and make a difference in other people’s lives.  Their reward for a job well done is not only a competitive salary, but the emotional benefits they get from doing good work. The appreciative faces on patients, a pat on the back from a supervising nurse, the joy at seeing a patient succeed at one of their goals – these rewards are priceless and far outweigh the daily challenges.

Finding a good paying job in the Houston area for our graduates is not difficult.  In fact, 100% of our students are able to find gainful employment after graduation and certification.  Local employers know that candidates that have attended our training facility are well prepared for the demanding tasks that are a daily part of being a nurse’s aide.

We have placed students in nursing homes and other long term care facilities.  There are also positions available in hospice settings, hospitals, clinics, acute care facilities, doctor’s offices and schools.  If you are interested in home health care, there are opportunities working for medical placement agencies that can also accommodate a flexible work schedule.

One of the benefits of attending a local metro Houston training facility such as the CNA Training Institute is that we know the local market for nurse’s aides.  We know who is hiring and the best places for you to start your career as a nursing assistant.  We are connected to scores of health care institutions that are located near your home so that you can also minimize your commute as you embark on your new career.

What if I Move Away from Houston?

We are a mobile society.  Family situations such as a spouse’s job transfer may cause you to move from the Houston area to another city in Texas or out-of-state.  The skills you learn at the CNA Training Institute are very portable to any place you choose to move within the country.  Although licensing requirements and the certification test may change from state to state, the classroom and hands-on training you have acquired here are the very same skill sets that are in demand throughout the rest of the country.  Wherever you move, you will be able to find a good job near you.

CNA Career Mobility

A career as a CNA is an entry-level career in the health care field and minimally requires a high school diploma or GED to qualify.  Many CNAs, however, have ambitions to make a bigger impact on patient care and resolve to use their CNA degree and experience as a stepping stone to other careers in health care.  There are many options from which to choose.  You can take additional training to become a home health aide, a certified medical assistant, a pharmacy technician, an emergency medical technician (EMT), a phlebotomist, a licensed practical nurse, a physical therapy assistant or even a registered nurse.

The demand for these specialties is also high and holds good long term prospects for gainful employment.  Health care is booming and all over the country and no matter where you choose to settle down, your CNA training is a great first step to learning about the health care field and focusing in on a future career.

Take the First Step

It is often said that the first step is the hardest.  Here at the Consolidated Nurses Aide Training Institute our goal is to make that first step as easy as possible so that you can realize your dreams in the health care field.  We have a terrific location nearest you as well as free transportation to and from your home. In just three weeks’ time, you can launch a new career that is personally and professional rewarding.