Being a CNA is rewarding yet challenging work.  Your days are filled with lots to do, constant demands on your time, and may include the emotional ups and downs that are part of working so closely with patients who need your help and attention.  Even while attending CNA Classes in Houston, TX you are under a bit of pressure to finish your studies successfully in the prescribed amount of time.  A CNA is expected to do good work, be respectful of the rights and dignity of each patient and to respect other CNAs and the profession.

During your training, however, you will learn more than just the medical terminology and proper practices and procedures of your job, you will also learn some life skills that will serve you well throughout your life in the CNA profession, other medical positions you might hold or in any other career you want to pursue.

Appearance Counts When You Are a Nurse’s Aide

One of the first things that you will learn is that your appearance matters.  At all times, you must look, like the qualified individual that you are.  This means taking the time to present yourself with a professional demeanor, a clean and well-kept uniform, and taking care of your own personal hygiene.

We know that uniforms are expensive.  You don’t need many but the one or two that you own need to be clean, pressed and/or wrinkle-free and in good repair.  Your uniform should fit you well and allow for the freedom of movement and physical exertion that the job requires from time to time.  Your patients will appreciate your tidy appearance as it is an indication that you will take as good care of them as you do yourself.  It is also a sign that you take your career very seriously and are proud of your profession and your degree.  Your uniform is one of the things that patients will notice and you want to make a good impression every single day.

Too much of a good thing is usually not a good thing when it comes to your professional appearance.  Everything in moderation is a good guideline and this includes hair, makeup, your nails and jewelry.  Artificial nails are not a good idea as bacteria can accumulate under them.  You don’t need a professional manicure, you just need to have clean nails of a modest length so that you are not in danger of scratching patients.  Again, you want to look professional and nothing should distract from that appearance.

Conduct and Behavior as a Nurse’s Aid

As a CNA, you are part of a close-knit team that depends on one another.  The doctor, the nurse and the other staff members all rely on you to do your job properly and professionally so that they can do theirs.  The patient needs you to maintain the standard of health care they have become accustomed to from you.

As a health care professional, you are expected to conduct yourself professionally and this includes not missing work and coming to work on time.  If it seems as if there is always more work to do than hours in the day. Imagine how your team members might react if you are always late or don’t show up to work. They have to pick up your duties and if this happens often enough you will lose the respect of your co-workers.

During your CNA class training, you will be reminded frequently about the importance of coming to work on time ready for the day’s tasks.  As a medical professional, it is your job to find a reliable sitter to watch your children if they are home ill from school.  You need to have a sure way to get up on time at home whether it is an alarm clock or a phone call.  Sleeping through an alarm is not an option with so many people depending on you at the start of each busy day.

Be Positive

Having a positive attitude and positive energy makes any job more satisfying and fulfilling, and this is no truer than in the area of patient care.  Nurse’s aides that enjoy the best reputations are ones that have an attitude of service and giving, not ones that are constant complainers or are just difficult to be around.  The camaraderie that develops between you and your co-workers is built upon trust and dependence and having a pleasant and positive outlook each day will help foster great relations with your team.

During your training, you will be exposed to many important facts and procedures that are necessary to become proficient at your certified nursing aid duties.  You also will get a sense of the pride and professionalism that you will gain when you become a CNA.  It is a noble profession that has a long history of dedicated service.  While you are attending our CNA classes in Houston, TX, we hope you will also acquire respect for the occupation as well as respect yourself for completing the first steps towards a rewarding career helping patients as a certified nurse’s aide.