Registration Is Easy:

Registration Fee: $100 (Non Refundable)

Course Fee: $950


1.Original Social Security Card
2.Picture ID / Driver Licence
3.Proof of Education
4.Tuberculosis Test Results
5.CPR - (Only accepts American Heart Association BLS)


Programs currently being offered at CNA Training Institute do not qualify for financial aid/assistance as per federal and state laws due to the short duration of the program/courses. However, to simplify the student’s financial burden, the school offers a payment plan where the student can use the ease of paying in installments. For further detail, see below payment plan option.

Payment Plan

$ 950+$25 (interest fee) $ 975
$ 500- 1st day of the class
$ 475- 2nd Week first day of the class

Method of Payment:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card (Transaction Fee Applied)
  • Money Order (Make payment to CNA Training Institute)

Course Fee: $ 950 ( Books, Equipment, Supplies included)

Scrubs to be purchased- color- Lime Green

State Test Fee:$104.50(Not Included in the course fee- to be paid directly to the state via card upon registering for the test)