The Consolidated Nurse Aide Training School contributes to the health care community by educating and graduating compassionate, well-trained, and caring nursing assistants.  Our objective is to continue to provide the best trained assistants of all CNA Schools in Houston Texas.

What is a Nursing Assistant?

Nursing assistants are graduates of our program and provide care to patients and residents with the assistance of, and under the direct supervision of, a licensed nurse.  Nurse supervisors are either registered nurses or licensed practical nurses.  The nurses that are directly involved in training our students are also educated and trained to instruct students in the practices and procedures necessary to provide competent care to patients. These duties include maintaining a safe and clean environment for patients as well as providing personal care and comfort for patients.  A nursing assistant helps patients with routine daily living tasks.

State and federal laws outline nursing assistant functions and are very specific.  The types of activities that a nursing assistant performs must meet the hygiene, comfort, nutrition, safety and elimination needs of patients. Duties may also include admitting new patients and discharging patients.  An assistant measures vital signs such as weight and height, blood pressure and pulse and records these measurements according to specific policy guidelines.  Promoting psychological comfort and assisting with daily exercise are also nursing aide functions as well as observing a patient’s physical and mental status.

CNAs are Professionals

In addition to the core curriculum and hands-on training you will receive at our school, we also endeavor to instill a set of core values that will guide you and serve you well as you pursue a career in healthcare.  CNAs are in great demand and provide the backbone of a health care team.  They are an integral part of the staff of a hospital, hospice care facility, medical office, nursing or assisted living residence.  As team members, they are relied upon by both staff and patients alike.

One of the core values that characterizes a professional CNA is caring.  This value is at the heart of all medical professionals and is evidenced by the kindness and compassion shown to patients on a daily basis.  Patients recognize this trait in our graduates. They appreciate not only the care they receive, but the genuine warmth with which it is delivered.

Our graduates are goal-oriented and strive to achieve a superior level of competence at their jobs.  They have high expectations for themselves and their careers.  They share a commitment to become excellent health care providers and provide a safe environment for their patients.  They also desire to become lifelong learners and add to their knowledge base.  Many go on to other careers in the health care field.

Learning good communication skills in class and during the hands-on portion of our training is essential to success in health care.  The team care approach requires collaboration and teamwork.  A cohesive unit shares decision-making and results in a positive environment where the patient can benefit the most. A CNA learns to become an active listener and shares a commitment for excellence.

CNAs are productive members of the team.  They use their eyes, ears, sense of smell and touch to gather data that the rest of the team needs in order to do their jobs well.  They spend a great deal of time with patients and need to use critical thinking skills to positively impact the quality and delivery of patient care.

Even though the certified nursing assistant is considered an entry-level career in the field of medicine, it occupies a pivotal role in the care of patients.  A CNA can be a patient advocate and is accountable to the other members of the team and to be a collegial member.

Beginning a Career as a CNA in Houston

The graduates of the Consolidated Nurses Aide Training Institute are highly valued by local and regional medical facilities.  These institutions know that our students possess the skills and the positive, cooperative attitude necessary to staff their growing needs.  You will be highly sought after. Our students are well-prepared for the challenges and requirements of a wide variety of work environments.  They earn a competitive salary and can look forward to financially secure future.  All our students are able to find employment at the conclusion of their training and after successful completion of state exams.

From no experience to certification as a professional in just a few weeks – that is what you can expect as an enrollee in our training program.  You will enjoy the benefit of a flexible work schedule in a career that is both financially and emotionally rewarding.  Should you have ambitions to become a registered nurse or other medical professional, your training here at Consolidated Nurses Aide Training Institute will serve as a solid foundation for additional training in the medical field.

Our course can be completed in just three weeks’ time and is affordable.  We have payment plan options if you need help fitting our tuition in with your budget.  We hope you will give us a call today to learn more about our program that features small class sizes and individualized attention.