What Kind of CNA Salary Can You Expect?

Job, Search, Interview, Job Search, WordHere in Texas, the demand for certified nursing assistants is quite high.  A growing elderly population and greater access to healthcare brought about by the Affordable Health Care Act are fueling an increase in the need for qualified nursing assistants.

According to Intelycare, Texas salary range for certified nurse’s aides averages around $32,150.  These figures are countrywide and include nurse assistants with little or no experience on up to aides with several years’ experience.

Regarding total compensation, bonuses do not add much to the national median annual salary.  However, healthcare benefits are a significant portion of total compensation provided by employers and must be factored into an evaluation of a compensation package.  Other benefits which are available to certified nursing assistants include social security, retirement savings plans such as 401k and 403b plans, pensions and time off.  These benefits make up a substantial portion of a pay package for CNAs and, compared with other entry-level careers, are significant and noteworthy.

Even better news for students that are currently enrolled in CNA classes in the Houston area is the fact that Texas’ salaries a bit higher than the national average and Houston salaries are near the top of the range of Texas salaries.  So if you are enrolled in training at the Consolidated Nurses Aide Training Institute, your prospects for earning a good starting salary are good.  Current data provided by ZipRecruiter and updated on November 29, 2023 show that median salaries in the state start at $31,700 and top out at over $51,706 (top earners based on experience) in the Houston area.

If you are a CNA in Texas, Houston is the place to be.  Salaries vary widely across the state and nationally and depend on level of experience and other factors.  But it is good to know that demand in Houston is great and keeps CNA salary levels on the high side compared with other places you might choose to work.

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